Vitalize Growth Support Conditioner
Vitalize Growth Support Conditioner
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Conditioner Details
  • Color protecting: enhances hair color intensity and uniformity
  • Conditioning: improves both dry and wet combing, reduces hair knotting, provides softness
  • Anti-Static: controls flyaways
  • Scalp Benefits: Restores “ecosystem” of the scalp to fight scalp discomfort (dryness, itching, flaking) and balances skin’s “microflora”
  • Hydrates scalp
  • Stimulates hair growth: activates stem cells of hair, delays hair aging, protects hair follicles from oxidative damage
  • Helps prevent hair loss: improves the condition of follicular cells
  • Shortens the fall-out phase and lengthens the growth phase
  • Seals hair cuticle, creates shine and luminosity

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